• DZENImage – a system that simplifies the installation of OS, administration and backup of information on workstations..
  • Allows you to remotely restore or copy (make a mirror) of the main operating system, include user data.
  • The described solution significantly saves the time resources of the IT division of the company, spent on reinstalling the OS.
  • Avoids loss of user data, in case of intentional actions or technical failures.
  • Allows quick recovery of the workstation to the original or required state.

Key features:

  1. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
  2. Remote backup of the operating system on the workstation, which prevents the loss of user data.
  3. Centralized distribution of trained workstation images.
  4. Local storage of the image of the workstation, as well as its backup, which allows you to quickly restore the workstation to the required state.
  5. Administer the client part directly from the Active Directory snap-in.
  6. The system is tested with the following OS: Windows: XP / Win7 / Win10

Principle of operation:

The installation part is downloaded by PXE.
The client part consists of OS Linux system responsible for switching (using the Grub), copying, loading and storing the impression of patricians.
The server part runs on the Microsoft Windows platform and is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.

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