WgOTP-Mobile – the application for one-time password generation by users. In this application is used Mobile-OTP algorithm. More information about the algorithm you can found here: http://motp.sourceforge.net/ .

OS compatibility: Windows 7 32/64 bit, WinXp (SP3)


 Generator setup:

For starting password generation you need synchronize Secret Key and PIN code with server part. For Secret Key generation please open: File, Setup, than choose key length 16 or 32 bits,

press button “generate”, select and copy your new secret key, press “save” button. Secret key will be encrypted and saved into the computer registry. As an option, for security reasons, you

can activate a PIN-code cleaning function. If the PIN-code cleaning function was activated password generator will be stopped and PIN-code will be cleared automatically after a specified period.

Note:  Attention! When application will be restarted you can’t see again this secret key.
New Secret Key needs activating on the Mobile-OTP server. Information about your pin and secret key is strongly confidential.
Note: Key generation depends on the OS time (include GMT time zone settings).
Please verify the accuracy of the time and GMT timezone settings for your OS.


In exceptional cases, you can change the timezone of GMT in the program without changing the OS settings. For use this possibility please select “Manual time zone” and set the time zone.

After all the changes, UTC time information of the generator must match the actual time UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).To check this, please select “OTP_Time” menu.


OTP Generation process:

  1. For starting one-time password generation process you need enter your personal pin code  into the pin field. After generation, password will be into the clipboard and you can paste it to VPN password field.
  2. After password generation you have 20 sec for using. New password will be generated automatically.

Note: You don’t need copy manually enter the password to VPN request password field. Every new password will be into the OS clipboard automatically. Just use paste function.


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